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December 11, 1999
Host:Danny DeVito
Musical Guest:R.E.M.
Cameos:Al Franken
Joe Franken (II)
The Rockettes
Episode Number:25.8  (# 473)
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Cold OpeningNBC Special Report 
Danny DeVito says he is now a member of the Five Timers Club, but it's actually his sixth time hosting.
CommercialPress Conference Play Set 
ShowThe Delicious Dish 
SketchMetal Shop 
MiscellaneousHappy Holidays From The Ladies' Man 
CartoonFun With Real Audio
The Year In Journalism
Weekend Update 
Colin Quinn reacts to several fake snowflakes which fall on the desk, leftovers from the previous Ladies' Man sketch. Also, Colin accidentally says "dick trader" instead of "dictator" in a joke about Elian Gonzalez. Following much cheers and applause, he blames the one audience member who snickered when he said "dick trader".
Musical Performance"Great Beyond" 
SketchRockettes Auditions 
Musical Performance"Man on the Moon"