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December 4, 1999
Host:Christina Ricci
Musical Guest:Beck
Episode Number:25.7  (# 472)
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Cold OpeningThe Republican Candidates
An unidentified loud bang is heard during the beginning of this sketch. Darrell Hammond reacts by quickly glancing to the side.
SketchHoliday Parade
Will Ferrell messes up saying "jujitsu", but this is fixed in reruns.
CommercialAnd So This Is Chanukah 
GameshowWho Wants To Eat
The word "symptoms" is spelled incorrectly ("symtoms") on the on-screen graphic for the first question, but this is never corrected in reruns. Also, an audience member shouts before Darrell Hammond's first "final answer" line.
ShowTaxicab Confessions 
CartoonFun With Real Audio
Millennium Fun With Real Audio
Weekend Update  
Musical Performance"Mixed Bizness" 
ShowGoth Talk 
Christina Ricci's fake punch goes too far, and she accidentally hits Ana Gasteyer on the nose for real. Christina notices her mistake and covers her mouth.
Musical Performance"Sexx Laws" 
MiscellaneousMadeline Kahn Tribute