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The SNL Archives
With over 700 episodes produced, Saturday Night Live is still one of the few places on television where viewers can enjoy a perfect mixture of sketch comedy and musical performances. Considering how popular the show has become, it's no wonder SNL welcomes major celebrities and diverse musical acts year after year.

Each episode has its own page in The Archives. In addition to listing all guests, it provides a sketch-by-sketch summary of the episode, with role information on all individuals appearing in each sketch. Names of cast members, recurring characters, impressions, and recurring sketches link to their corresponding pages.

Names of non-cast individuals are color-coded as follows:

Hosts Musical Guests Special Guests Cameos Filmed Cameos

Titles of Live Segments appear in white, while Filmed Segments appear in gray.

Click on the tabs at the top of the page to filter role information on those individuals only. You may also filter on recurring characters or impressions. Click on the "Statistics" tab to view a numeric summary of roles for all individuals.

Move your mouse pointer over Info... to reveal interesting facts and trivia about particular sketches.

The best way to start navigating the episodes is to follow a link on one of the Seasons pages. If you know the exact date, ID, or sequence number of an episode, simply enter it into the appropriate field below to go directly to its page. You may browse chronologically through the pages.

Date (mm.dd.yyyy)
ID (season.number)
Sequence number

Use the Advanced Role Search to find individual roles by specifying a name, performer type, list of cast members, and date range. You can also restrict your search to characters, impressions, voice roles, and "Live from New York" roles.

Use the Advanced Sketch Search to find individual sketches by specifying a title, type, list of cast members, and date range.

You may also refer to the Full List of episodes.