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February 18, 1984
Host:Jamie Lee Curtis
Musical Guest:The Fixx
Special Guest:Joel Hodgson
Filmed Cameo:James Pickens Jr.
Episode Number:9.13  (# 172)  Info...
Joe Piscopo imitated an absent Don Pardo during the opening montage.
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Cold OpeningRappin' Jimmy B. 
CommercialRubik's Grenade 
SketchTag, You're It 
SketchJake's Video Hut 
SketchEl Dorko 
ShowThe Julia Show 
Guest Performance  
SketchReagan Workout 
Musical Performance"One Thing Leads to Another" 
Saturday Night News  
SketchPersons Express 
SketchHeart Tartare 
ShowWhere Are They Now? 
Musical Performance"Red Skies at Night" 
FilmProse And Cons