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February 11, 1984
Host:Robin Williams
Musical Guest:Adam Ant
Special Guest:Paula Poundstone
Episode Number:9.12  (# 171)
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Cold OpeningWinter Olympics 
CommercialBuddweiser Light 
ShowRock & Roll and then some 
ShowWild Kingdom of Heaven
After having trouble saying "Colonel Harland Sanders" a few times, Robin Williams ad-libs "I'm struck with tongue!"
CommercialGandhi And The Bandit 
ShowFiring Line 
FilmBabies In Makeup 
SketchMime Roommate
This sketch originally appeared at the 09.25.1982 dress rehearsal.
SketchNew Bad Babies 
Musical Performance"Strip" 
Saturday Night News  
ShowMTV News 
SketchSiamese Twins 
Musical Performance"Goody Two Shoes" 
Guest Performance  
ShowPatty's Place