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January 28, 1984
Host:Don Rickles
Musical Guest:Billy Idol
Cameos:Dr. Joyce Brothers
John Madden
Brandon Tartikoff
Filmed Cameo:Stevie Wonder
Episode Number:9.11  (# 170)  Info...
Don Rickles repeatedly ad-libs extra lines and gestures throughout the episode - most frequently with Joe Piscopo - and causes many cast members to break character. There are also improvised back-and-forth face slapping competitions in a few sketches.
Titles Cast Host Musical Guest Special Guest Cameos Characters Impressions Full Summary Statistics
Cold OpeningTV President 
CommercialKannon AE-1 
SketchI Married A Monkey 
CommercialThe Hamlisch Maneuver 
ShowFascinating People and Their Friends 
SketchWitness Relocation 
Musical Performance"White Wedding" 
SketchSaint Don Of Verona 
Saturday Night News  
SketchEl Dorko 
SketchThis is Your Afterlife 
Musical Performance"Rebel Yell" 
MiscellaneousAnniversary Special