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January 21, 1984
Hosts:Michael Palin
Mary Palin
Musical Guest:The Motels
Episode Number:9.10  (# 169)
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Cold OpeningDonahue 
CommercialBoy George Burns: The Man And His Music 
ShowMister Robinson's Neighborhood 
CommercialMick Pitwhistle Does It All 
CommercialPowerful Living Snaps 
SketchMan On A Chain 
ShowThat's Okay 
ShowWould You Believe It? 
Saturday Night News  
ShowWould You Believe It? 
Saturday Night News  
Musical Performance"Suddenly Last Summer" 
CommercialSave Lots Of Plankton 
SketchHouse of Mutton 
Musical Performance"Remember the Nights" 
SketchBoy's Life On The Mississippi