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February 25, 1984
Host:Edwin Newman
Musical Guest:Kool & The Gang
Special Guest:Harry Anderson
Filmed Cameo:Robin Williams
Episode Number:9.14  (# 173)
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Cold OpeningHairdressers 
CommercialBuddweiser Light 
Musical SketchHymietown 
CommercialFur: You deserve it! 
SketchNews Bar 
Musical Performance"Joanna" 
ShowSpeaking Freely 
Saturday Night News  
SketchHow High The Noon 
Musical Performance"Celebration" 
ShowUrban Answers 
SketchA Nickel
Eddie Murphy ad-libs that his blown line was because he read it wrong off of the cue card. Joe Piscopo also ad-libs that he looks like "Al Franken in 50 years".
ShowFace The Press 
Guest Performance  
CommercialJacoby Escort Service