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April 12, 2003
Host:Ray Romano
Musical Guest:Zwan
Episode Number:28.17  (# 542)
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Cold OpeningLive Address 
ShowWhat's The Rush? 
ShowWake Up Wakefield! 
Musical Performance"Lyric" 
Weekend Update 
The sound effect fails twice in a joke where Jimmy Fallon punches Tina Fey after she implies that he has a small penis. Later on, after one of Jimmy's jokes, Tina ad-libs "That's a good joke there, Tiny Penis", to which Jimmy responds by punching her, this time with the sound effect heard. Tina then ad-libs how funny it is with the sound effect, and mentions the name of the sound engineer.
SketchThe Rialto Grande 
MiscellaneousCNN Update 
SketchPhone Booth 
ShowAccess Hollywood 
Musical Performance"Settle Down" 
ShowClub Traxx 
CommercialUday Hussein