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February 2, 2002
Host:Britney Spears
Cameos:Dan Aykroyd
Justin Timberlake
Episode Number:27.12  (# 517)  Info...
This is the first episode where Ana Gasteyer is open with her pregnancy.
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Cold OpeningThe Women's Downhill
At dress rehearsal, Britney Spears portrayed Amy Poehler's role, and Chris Kattan portrayed Dan Aykroyd's role.
CommercialLoose Bear 
ShowBrian Fellow's Safari Planet 
SketchInside Barbie's Dreamhouse 
SketchJarret's Room 
CommercialCamp X-Ray 
MiscellaneousA Message from Martha Stewart
This sketch was used as the cold opening at dress rehearsal, in which Ana Gasteyer said "Live from New York".
Musical Performance"I'm Not A Girl, Not Yet A Woman" 
Weekend Update  
SketchAstronaut Jones 
ShowHBO First Look 
Show9 News Morning Edition 
Musical Performance"Boys" 
SketchThe Leather Man