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March 2, 2002
Host:Jonny Moseley
Musical Guest:Outkast
Cameo:Rip Taylor
Episode Number:27.13  (# 518)  Info...
Seth Meyers imitated an absent Don Pardo during the opening montage. In addition, a cartoon is announced, but does not appear in the episode.
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Cold OpeningPresidential Address 
SketchSki Lift 
ShowThe O'Reilly Factor 
SketchJonny's Journey 
Weekend Update  
Musical Performance"Whole World" 
GameshowSuper Buzzers 
SketchTyphoid Mary Rehearsal 
MiscellaneousMy Big Thick Novel 
Musical Performance"Ms. Jackson" 
SketchExtreme Wedding 
MiscellaneousMy Big Thick Novel