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December 8, 2001
Host:Hugh Jackman
Musical Guest:Mick Jagger
Episode Number:27.8  (# 513)  Info...
A cartoon is announced in the opening montage, but does not appear in the episode.
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Cold OpeningWhite House Call 
CommercialLoose Bear 
SketchJarret's Room 
CommercialThe Robert Goulet All Holiday Special
The Sherlock Holmes portion of this sketch was filmed at dress rehearsal.
SketchSears Photographers 
Musical Performance"God Gave Me Everything" 
Weekend Update  
ShowHello Dolly
This sketch was originally scheduled to air on the 11.17.2001 live show, but was cut at the last minute due to time constraints.
SketchDressing Room 
SketchFortress of Solitude 
Musical Performance"Visions Of Paradise" 
SketchChristmas Kangaroo