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December 1, 2001
Host:Derek Jeter
Musical Guests:Bubba Sparxxx
Cameos:David Cone
David Wells
Episode Number:27.7  (# 512)  Info...
While announcing the next episode's guests, Don Pardo accidentally says "Ralph Jackman" instead of "Hugh Jackman".
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Cold OpeningYou Might Be a Terrorist 
CommercialPreparation H 
CommercialMuchas Iglesias 
SketchYankee Wives 
CommercialDissing Your Dog 
CommercialDerek Jeter's Taco Hole 
ShowDealing with Mom and Dad 
Musical Performance"Whenever, Wherever" 
Weekend Update  
SketchPep Talk 
SketchMan Perm 
Musical Performance"Ugly", "Lovely" 
MiscellaneousA Holiday Treat For All 
MiscellaneousMy Big Thick Novel