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February 5, 2000
Host:Alan Cumming
Musical Guest:Jennifer Lopez
Cameo:Fat Joe
Filmed Cameo:Ben Stiller
Episode Number:25.11  (# 476)  Info...
Darrell Hammond imitated an absent Don Pardo during the opening montage.
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Cold OpeningBreakfast in New Hampshire 
CommercialUncle Jemima's Down Home Mash Liquor 
CommercialFried Chicken Fields Forever
The timing of this sketch is thrown off by several technical glitches. Also, a stage manager can be heard whispering "Alan, you can change!" during a transition.
SketchTandem Hearts 
ShowDog Show 
FilmA Short film by Adam McKay
The Heat Is On
Musical Performance"Feelin' So Good" 
Weekend Update  
ShowSiegfried and Roy's Night of 1000 Tigers 
ShowHello Dolly 
Musical Performance"Waiting For Tonight"