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February 12, 2000
Host:Julianna Margulies
Musical Guest:DMX
Filmed Cameo:Noah Wyle
Episode Number:25.12  (# 477)
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Cold OpeningA Message From Hillary Rodham Clinton 
CommercialLitter Critters 
SketchBird Family
This sketch was almost cut after dress rehearsal because Julianna Margulies and the cast kept breaking character. Also, Will Ferrell coughs while trying to chew his food and ad-libs "I'm upset!"
ShowE! News Daily 
SketchAugustus General 
ShowThe Crocodile Hunter 
Weekend Update  
Musical Performance"Party Up" 
SketchErectile Dysfunction 
ShowSavin' It 
Musical Performance"What's My Name" 
SketchHotel Bar