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May 14, 1994
Host:Heather Locklear
Musical Guest:Janet Jackson
Cameos:Rafael Fuchs
Jay Leno
Episode Number:19.20  (# 366)
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Cold OpeningCoffee Talk 
SketchMelrose Place 
ShowHot Button 
Musical Performance"Throb" 
Weekend Update  
SketchAcross The Bar 
Show60 Minutes 
ShowAmazing Time Savers
Mike Myers' character name "Richard Hayden" is actually the name of David Spade's character in the movie "Tommy Boy". Also, Heather Locklear accidentally calls him "John" at one point, most likely because of a cue card error.
ShowL'Homme d'Orgasme 
Musical Performance"Any Time, Any Place" 
Musical SketchSo Long, Farewell