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May 7, 1994
Host:John Goodman
Musical Guest:The Pretenders
Special Guest:Jan Hooks
Filmed Cameo:Manute Bol
Episode Number:19.19  (# 365)
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Cold OpeningThe 1994 New York Gubernatorial Debate 
CommercialMajestic Caribbean Cruise Line 
SketchDouble Date 
ShowAmerican Sportsman Today 
Musical Performance"Night In My Veins" 
Weekend Update  
ShowReal Stories of the Arkansas Highway Patrol 
ShowTheatre Stories 
SketchPlucky Ninjas 
CommercialPhiladelphia Action Figures 
CommercialIn His Own Words 
Musical Performance"I'll Stand By You" 
MiscellaneousFlintstones Names 
SketchTaxi Trivia