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April 9, 1994
Host:Kelsey Grammer
Musical Guest:Dwight Yoakham
Special Guest:Jan Hooks
Cameo:Sy Sperling
Filmed Cameo:Manute Bol
Episode Number:19.17  (# 363)
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Cold OpeningInvestment Tips 
CommercialMajestic Caribbean Cruise Line 
ShowInhibited Dance Party USA 
SketchYankee Stadium Opening Day  
Musical Performance"Pocket of a Clown" 
Weekend Update  
Sketch20,000 Leagues Under The Sea 
ShowSunday Morning 
SketchSomething Smells Good in Stinkville 
Musical Performance"Fast as You" 
SketchFoot Locker 
SketchSomething Smells Good in Stinkville
Kelsey Grammer breaks character while delivering his last line in this sketch.
Musical SketchIron John: The Musical 
SketchSomething Smells Good in Stinkville