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March 19, 1994
Host:Helen Hunt
Musical Guest:Snoop Doggy Dogg
Cameo:Cindy Crawford
Episode Number:19.16  (# 362)
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Cold OpeningRockers To Help Explain Whitewater 
SketchTotal Bastard Airlines 
ShowCoffee Talk 
Musical Performance"Gin & Juice" 
Weekend Update 
As Chris Farley is lifted up from the WU set to "fly" over the audience, one of his cables becomes caught on a spotlight. Kevin Nealon works to free the cable as Chris ad-libs about his weight problem. After Chris finally soars over the audience and the camera pans back to the WU desk, Kevin ad-libs "Maybe the cables didn't clear the lights, ladies and gentlemen!", using Bennett Brauer's signature air quotes.
ShowProfiles In Cowardice 
SketchSexist Director 
CommercialThe Washing Machine 
Musical Performance"Lodi Dodi" 
ShowAstounding Information 
CartoonOffice Space 
ShowRob Schneider's Girlfriend Theater