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March 20, 1993
Host:Miranda Richardson
Musical Guest:Soul Asylum
Cameos:Buddy Guy
Stephen Rea
Filmed Cameo:Marv Albert
Episode Number:18.16  (# 342)
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Cold OpeningThe Crying Game 
CommercialGreen & Fazio 
SketchThe Rain People 
SketchBad News 
CommercialGreen & Fazio 
CommercialEager & Jones
This commercial parody originally appeared at the 01.16.1993 dress rehearsal.
Musical Performance"Somebody To Shove" 
Weekend Update 
During his commentary, Rob Schneider realizes that one of the lines he delivered didn't make sense. He quickly ad-libs "That's what it said", blaming his mistake on what was written on the cue card.
ShowMTV Spring Break U.K. '93 
CommercialRussell Simmons' Def Magic Show Jam 
Musical Performance"Black Gold" 
FilmSchiller's Reel
Dieter's Dream
SketchJack McManus Bar