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March 13, 1993
Host:John Goodman
Musical Guest:Mary J. Blige
Cameos:Cora Blige
The Bravados
Episode Number:18.15  (# 341)
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Cold OpeningDavidian Compound 
An audience member shouts out "You are special!" in response to one of John Goodman's lines.
CommercialWilson Countersink Flanges
This commercial parody originally appeared at two previous dress rehearsals: 02.13.1993 and 02.20.1993.
SketchBig Buddies 
ShowLet's Talk and Talk and Talk and Talk and Talk About Movies 
Musical Performance"Reminisce" 
Weekend Update  
ShowHow'd You Do That? 
SketchBlock Party
This sketch originally appeared at the 01.09.1993 dress rehearsal.
Musical Performance"Sweet Thing" 
SketchTurkish Storekeeper 
CommercialTo Be Sure, It's Time to Rock! 
SketchThe Man Without A Shout