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January 16, 1993
Host:Harvey Keitel
Musical Guest:Madonna
Special Guest:Jan Hooks
Episode Number:18.11  (# 337)
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Cold OpeningInaugural Gala
Madonna stumbles over saying "Live from New York". Consequently, it is replaced with the dress rehearsal version in reruns.
CommercialJiffy Express 
SketchBathroom Attendant 
SketchTransit Workers 
Musical Performance"Fever" 
Weekend Update  
SketchIt's Pat 
SketchOval Office 
SketchUnfrozen Cave Man Lawyer 
Musical Performance"Bad Girl"
At the end of her performance, Madonna tears up a photograph of Joey Buttafuoco and shouts "Fight the real enemy!", an obvious parody of the Sinead O'Connor incident earlier in the season.
SketchAn Insane Idiot And His Collection Of Descending-Size Deer Heads 
Harvey Keitel's character name "Bob Van Ry" is actually the name of SNL's stage manager at the time.