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February 6, 1993
Host:Luke Perry
Musical Guest:Mick Jagger
Special Guest:Jan Hooks
Cameo:Giorgio Armani
Episode Number:18.12  (# 338)
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Cold OpeningOpen House 
CommercialChameleon XLE 
SketchThe Tampon Prince 
SketchYard Boy
Hibbert is the last name of Julia Sweeney's husband at the time, Stephen Hibbert.
Musical Performance"Sweet Thing" 
Weekend Update  
SketchMagic Fish Town Meeting 
ShowSNL Halftime Spectacular 
Musical Performance"Don't Tear Me Up" 
GameshowHigh School Liars Club 
ShowSassy's Sassiest Boys 
MiscellaneousDark Moments in Black History 
SketchSaying Goodbye