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April 12, 1986
Host:Oprah Winfrey
Musical Guest:Joe Jackson
Episode Number:11.14  (# 209)
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Cold OpeningBackstage 
CommercialJohn Cougar Mellencamp's Lookin' At America 
ShowThe Pat Stevens Show 
SketchCabrini Green 
Musical Performance"Right and Wrong" 
Weekend Update 
Dennis Miller forgets to remove his microphone when he stands up to demonstrate the Line of Death on the WU map. The wire jerks him back, and he ad-libs "The Line of Death is right around my neck."
SketchThe Wart Hog 
Musical SketchI Play The Maids 
ShowActors On Film 
SketchCraig Sundberg, Idiot Savant 
SketchThe Cute Shop 
Musical Performance"Soul Kiss"
Joe Jackson was under a four-minute time limit for this performance. After checking a stopwatch on his piano, he blows a whistle to abruptly end the song and says "That's it, four minutes."
SketchOne Shoe Emma