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March 22, 1986
Hosts:George Wendt
Francis Ford Coppola
Musical Guest:Philip Glass
Cameo:Janice Pendarvis
Episode Number:11.13  (# 208)
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Cold OpeningBackstage 
SketchThe Honeymooners: The Lost Episodes
George Wendt enters the wrong door on the set as he says "Alice, I'm home!" When he realizes his error, he ad-libs "I've been hiding in the bedroom the whole time."
MiscellaneousCamera Control 
SketchMystery Playhouse 
Musical Performance"Lightning" 
Weekend Update  
SketchThat Black Girl 
SketchFish Market 
SketchGhost of Thespians Past 
SketchVietnam Sketch 
Musical Performance"Rubric" 
MiscellaneousConfrontational Monologue 
MiscellaneousGrand Finale