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Film Festival
Aired:March 2, 1985
Cameos:John Candy
Roger Ebert
Eugene Levy
Gene Siskel
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Encore PresentationSynchronized Swimming 
Encore PresentationKannon AE-1 
ShowFernando's Hideaway 
Encore PresentationWalking After Midnight 
Encore PresentationBuddweiser Light 
Encore PresentationLifestyles of The Relatives of The Rich and Famous 
MiscellaneousCandy Stand 
Encore PresentationNeedleman 
Encore PresentationProse And Cons 
Encore PresentationDon't Hitch-Hike 
Encore PresentationVideo Victims 
Encore PresentationNegro Baseball 
Encore PresentationWhite Like Me 
MiscellaneousNext Week