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February 16, 1985
Host:Pamela Sue Martin
Musical Guest:Power Station
Filmed Cameos:Ann-Margret
Morgan Fairchild
Teri Garr
Susan Lucci
Lynn Swann
Episode Number:10.14  (# 192)
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CommercialStrategic Airborne Contraceptive 
ShowThe Joe Franklin Show 
Musical SketchThat White Guy & His Wife 
MiscellaneousNight of 100 Stars 
SketchCalled Shot 
Saturday Night News  
Musical Performance"Some Like It Hot" 
SketchFirst Draft Theater 
CommercialDynasty's Greatest Fights 
CommercialTom, Dick and Horny 
Musical Performance"Get It On" 
CartoonShootout At The Zepplin Corral