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The SNL Archives
October 13, 1984
Host:Bob Uecker
Musical Guest:Peter Wolf
Cameos:Elliot Easton
Michael "Spaceman" Jonzun
Leon Mobley
Thommy Price
Maurice Starr
Gordon "Megabucks" Worthy
Filmed Cameos:Yogi Berra
Dave Winfield
Episode Number:10.2  (# 180)
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Cold OpeningPassword 
SketchSnap, Crackle & Pop 
MiscellaneousAn American Portrait 
SketchLittle League Trade 
CommercialThe Mamie Eisenhower Center For The Dull 
FilmNegro Baseball 
Musical Performance"Lights Out" 
Saturday Night News 
Bob Uecker misreads Barbara Bush's name off of the cue card as "Barbara Rush". He then ad-libs that Rush was in the news "some time ago".
SketchLost & Found 
CartoonTippi Turtle 
Musical Performance"I Need You Tonight" 
MiscellaneousSNL Mailbag 
CommercialFresh Baseball 
MiscellaneousNBC Sports Update