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October 6, 1984
Musical Guest:The Thompson Twins
Cameos:Jamie Lee Curtis
Rob Reiner
Filmed Cameo:Reginald VelJohnson
Episode Number:10.1  (# 179)
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Cold OpeningLifestyles of The Relatives of The Rich and Famous
"Anthony Haden-Callas" is a reference to Christopher Guest's half-brother Anthony Haden-Guest.
FilmOlympics 1984: A Special Report 
MiscellaneousRich Hall's Election Report 
SketchWheel of Fortune Interview
Christopher Guest bumps his head on the boom microphone as he gets up from his desk to go to the window ledge.
SketchGrandpa Howard 
FilmSynchronized Swimming 
MiscellaneousMondale & Ferraro 
Musical Performance"Hold Me Now" 
FilmThe Bulge 
Saturday Night News  
SketchFirst Draft Theater 
Saturday Night News  
ShowBook Beat 
MiscellaneousRunning Late 
Musical Performance"The Gap"