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The SNL Archives
March 27, 1982
Host:Blythe Danner
Musical Guest:Rickie Lee Jones
Special Guest:Michael Davis
Episode Number:7.15  (# 134)
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Cold OpeningLorne Greene: The Meat Dogs Love 
Talent Entrance  
CommercialCome On Out America 
SketchThe New Celibacy 
CommercialThe Khaddaffi Look 
Musical Performance"Pirates" 
SketchFab Fifties 
SNL Newsbreak 
Christine Ebersole has trouble clipping her microphone to her necklace. Meanwhile, Brian Doyle-Murray delivers his first joke before realizing that his own microphone is not clipped to his tie.
Guest Performance  
ShowThe Uncle Tom Show 
ShowMeet The People 
MiscellaneousBlythe's Plea 
Musical Performance"Lush Life", "Woody & Dutch"