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March 20, 1982
Host:Robert Urich
Musical Guest:Mink De Ville
Episode Number:7.14  (# 133)
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Cold OpeningBurt Reynolds 
Talent Entrance  
Musical SketchBuhweet And De Dupreems 
CommercialReach Out 
SketchRadio News 
ShowFocus On Film 
CommercialBuy A Bullet For A Hungry Kid 
SketchHail To The Chief 
Musical Performance"Maybe Tomorrow" 
CommercialFur: You deserve it! 
CommercialGolden Age School of Obedience 
SNL Newsbreak  
SketchKoala Bear 
GameshowHeadline Challenge 
MiscellaneousUpcoming Shows 
ShowLow Class Italian Theater 
Musical Performance"Love & Emotion" 
FilmThe Thing That Destroyed Tokyo 
MiscellaneousJohn Belushi Tribute