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November 14, 1981
Host:Bernadette Peters
Musical Guests:The Go-Go's
Billy Joel
Filmed Cameo:Bill Wegman
Episode Number:7.6  (# 125)
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Cold OpeningTexxon 
Talent Entrance  
Musical SketchJohnny Keep Your Gun Clean 
MiscellaneousEscape From New York Films 
SketchI Married A Monkey
The baby monkey's constant hopping around the set causes a hanging picture to fall off the wall.
MiscellaneousA Message To Young White Viewers 
ShowHidden Photo 
SketchBedtime Story 
Musical Performance"Our Lips Our Sealed" 
FilmMan Ray and Mic 
SketchSketch in the Dark 
MiscellaneousComing Up 
Musical Performance"Making Love Alone" 
Musical Performance"Miami 2017" 
Sketch42nd Street 
SNL Newsbreak  
Musical Performance"We Got The Beat" 
SketchNick The Knock 
Musical Performance"She's Got A Way" 
SketchRock 'n Roll Heaven Incorporated