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November 7, 1981
Host:Lauren Hutton
Musical Guest:Rick James
Special Guest:William Burroughs
Cameo:Stone City Band
Episode Number:7.5  (# 124)
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Talent Entrance  
CommercialHere's 'Cos 
SketchDressing Room 
SketchHail To The Chief 
Musical Performance"Give It To Me Baby" 
SketchCheap Laffs 
SNL Newsbreak  
CommercialHarlequin Romances 
ShowReach Out 
CommercialVelvet Jones School Of Technology 
CommercialBig Baser 
Guest Performance  
FilmPush Button To Explode Building 
ShowBitter People 
Musical Performance"Super Freak" 
FilmSchiller's Reel
Art is Ficial