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October 31, 1981
Host:Donald Pleasence
Musical Guest:Fear
Special Guest:Michael Davis
Cameo:John Belushi
Filmed Cameo:Andy Warhol
Episode Number:7.4  (# 123)
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Cold OpeningVomiting For Luck 
Talent Entrance  
ShowProfiles In British Courage 
CommercialJogger Motel 
CommercialTwo Faces Of Jerry 
Musical SketchI'm So Miserable 
MiscellaneousGuardian Angel 
Guest Performance  
SNL Newsbreak  
SketchTales From The Hip 
Musical Performance"I Don't Care About You" 
CommercialThe Clams 
SketchMen's Room 
SketchSugar Breakfast 
FilmAndy Warhol's T.V. 
MiscellaneousHome Movies 
ShowThe Vic Salukin Show 
Musical Performance"Beef Bologna", "New York's Alright If You Like Saxophones", "Let's Have A War" 
FilmProse And Cons