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October 10, 1981
Host:Susan Saint James
Musical Guest:The Kinks
Filmed Cameo:Andy Warhol
Episode Number:7.2  (# 121)
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Cold OpeningExxico 
SketchMcDonald & Wife 
CommercialBuh-Weet Sings 
SketchThe Bizarro World 
FilmPush Button To Explode Building 
Musical SketchLifeboat 
SketchShe's a Pig 
FilmLet's See What's Bothering Bob 
Musical Performance"Destroyer" 
SNL Newsbreak  
Musical PerformanceSingle Women 
ShowCheap Laffs 
Musical Performance"Art Lover" 
FilmAndy Warhol's TV 
CommercialAlan Alda Sensitivity Training For Men 
FilmSadat Assassination