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October 3, 1981
Musical Guest:Rod Stewart
Special Guest:Michael Davis
Cameo:Tina Turner
Filmed Cameo:Andy Warhol
Episode Number:7.1  (# 120)
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Cold OpeningNBC: Our Age Is Showing 
Talent Entrance  
ShowThe Little Richard Simmons Show 
CommercialThe Clams 
ShowA Few Minutes with Andy Rooney 
FilmProse And Cons 
Musical Performance"Dance With Me", "Hot Legs" 
SNL Newsbreak  
CommercialThe Khaddaffi Look 
SketchStrangers In The Night 
SketchStrangers At The Funeral Parlor 
FilmAndy Warhol's TV 
Guest Performance  
MiscellaneousHome Movies 
FilmSeason Of Glass 
Musical Performance"Young Turks"