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December 20, 1980
Host:David Carradine
Musical Guests:Linda Ronstadt
George Rose
Rex Smith
The cast of "The Pirates of Penzance"
Filmed Cameo:Bill Irwin
Episode Number:6.5  (# 111)
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Cold OpeningPardo Impression 
CommercialGun City 
SketchMenswear Store 
SketchCedar Mall 
MiscellaneousRocket Report 
SketchDylan & Guthrie 
CommercialThe Home Version Of Dallas 
FilmThe Mr. Bill Show
Mr. Bill's Christmas Special
CommercialKung Fu Christmas 
Weekend Update  
Musical Performance  
SketchHeroin in Harlem 
FilmVirgin Search 
CommercialDopenhagen & Happy Daze 
SketchKFC Lovers 
FilmThe Dancing Man 
SketchWelfare Counseling 
Musical Performance