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December 13, 1980
Host:Jamie Lee Curtis
Musical Guests:James Brown
Ellen Shipley
Filmed Cameos:Danny DeVito
William Duff-Griffin
Episode Number:6.4  (# 110)
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Cold OpeningThe Mean Majority 
CommercialClovin Hind Jeans 
SketchThe Attack Of The Terrible Snapping Creatures 
SketchCard Game 
FilmWho is Gilbert Gottfried? 
ShowDying To Be Heard 
Musical Performance"Rapp Payback" 
Weekend Update  
CommercialPoker And Drugs Don't Mix 
CommercialClovin Hind Jeans 
SketchBadger Convention 
Musical Performance  
FilmHot Dogs for Gauguin 
SketchCut 'n' Curl 
CommercialClovin Hind Jeans 
Musical Performance"Fotogenic"