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November 22, 1980
Host:Malcolm McDowell
Musical Guest:Captain Beefheart & The Magic Band
Episode Number:6.2  (# 108)
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Cold OpeningElectric Chair 
ShowMutually Omaha's Wild Kingdom 
CommercialTobacco Growers of America 
SketchSerf City 
SketchWhite House 
CommercialAmerican Milk Association 
Musical Performance"Hot Head" 
Weekend Update  
SketchGothic Novel Shop 
MiscellaneousThe 100 Years War 
ShowThe Leather Weather Report 
SketchCommie Hunting Season 
MiscellaneousRocket Report 
SketchRoyal Strippers 
Musical Performance"Ashtray Heart" 
FilmSomeone Is Hiding In My Apartment 
ShowThe Wine Cellar