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December 6, 1980
Host:Ellen Burstyn
Musical Guests:Aretha Franklin
Keith Sykes
Filmed Cameo:Bill Paxton
Episode Number:6.3  (# 109)
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Cold OpeningGoing Co-Op 
CommercialEd McMahon School of Laughing 
ShowWhat's It All About 
MiscellaneousRocket Report 
SketchVideo Date 
Musical Performance"United Together" 
Weekend Update  
ShowOur Front Door 
FilmPepe Gonzales 
SketchPlanned Parenthood 
Musical Performance"Can't Turn You Loose" 
ShowThe Toni Tennille Show 
FilmFish Heads 
SketchBlame The Kids 
Musical Performance"B.I.G.T.I.M.E." 
SketchLonely Old Lady