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January 24, 1976
Hosts:Peter Cook
Dudley Moore
Musical Guest:Neil Sedaka
Special Guest:Jim Henson's Muppets
Cameo:Abbie Hoffman
Episode Number:1.11  (# 11)
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Cold OpeningBomb Squad
The pie accidentally slips from John Belushi's hand before it hits Chevy Chase in the face, leaving only a small piece of cream on his nose. The sequence is redone correctly during the goodnights with Peter Cook and Dudley Moore's help.
SketchUtah Prison 
Musical Performance"Breaking Up Is Hard To Do" 
CommercialDon Pardo's Holiday In An Elevator 
Weekend Update  
CommercialMiddle American Van Lines 
ShowTable Talk 
FilmA Film by Gary Weis
The Paramount Novelty Store
MiscellaneousSonny & Cher 
MiscellaneousGilda & Scred 
Musical Performance"Lonely Night" 
ShowBackstage Banter 
SketchOperating Room 
SketchGospel Truth 
MiscellaneousBomb Squad Redux