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January 31, 1976
Host:Dick Cavett
Musical Guest:Jimmy Cliff
Special Guests:Marshall Efron
Al Alen Petersen
Episode Number:1.12  (# 12)
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Cold OpeningVoodoo Doll 
SketchHunter Sketch 
CommercialDick Cavett's School Of Auto Refinishing & Upholstery 
Musical Performance"The Harder They Come" 
CommercialH&L Brock 
Weekend Update  
CommercialFelina Cat Food 
CommercialDick Cavett's School Of Hydroplane Operation 
SketchOur Town 
Musical Performance"Many Rivers to Cross" 
MiscellaneousCavett Lookalike 
FilmA Film by Gary Weis
Clothing Designer & Plastic Surgeon
ShowDance To The Nation 
CommercialH&L Brock 
ShowLooks At Books 
Musical Performance"Wahjaka Man" 
CommercialH&L Brock 
FilmHome Movie
The Apple Follies
Guest Performance