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The SNL Archives
October 25, 1975
Host:Rob Reiner
Special Guests:Denny Dillon
Mark Hampton
Jim Henson's Muppets
Andy Kaufman
The Lockers
Penny Marshall
Filmed Cameos:Albert Brooks
Clifford Einstein
Episode Number:1.3  (# 3)
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Cold OpeningWheelchair 
CommercialNational Pancreas Association 
SketchFashion Don'ts 
CommercialGolden Needles 
Guest Performance  
ShowDangerous But Inept 
CommercialFelina Cat Food 
Guest Performance  
Weekend Update  
Musical Performance"With A Little Help From My Friends" 
CommercialDroolers Anti-Defamation League 
CommercialMiddle American Van Lines 
SketchSquare Dance 
SketchThe Land of Gorch 
Guest Performance  
MiscellaneousWhat Gilda Ate 
FilmA Film by Albert Brooks