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The SNL Archives
October 18, 1975
Host:Paul Simon
Musical Guests:Randy Newman
Phoebe Snow
Special Guests:Art Garfunkel
Jim Henson's Muppets
Cameos:Bill Bradley
Jesse Dixon Singers
David Sanborn
Filmed Cameos:Marv Albert
Albert Brooks
Clifford Einstein
Connie Hawkins
Jerry Rubin
Episode Number:1.2  (# 2)
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Cold Opening"Still Crazy After All These Years" 
Musical Performance"Loves Me Like A Rock" 
CommercialThe Berkeley Collection 
Musical Performance"Marie" 
Musical Performance"Sail Away" 
Weekend Update  
Musical Performance"The Boxer", "Scarborough Fair" 
Musical Performance"My Little Town" 
Musical Performance"I Only Have Eyes For You" 
SketchThe Land of Gorch 
FilmA Film by Albert Brooks
Parent's Home Video
Musical Performance"No Regrets" 
Musical Performance"Gone at Last" 
CommercialTry-Hard 1-11 
Musical Performance"American Tune"