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January 29, 2011
Host:Jesse Eisenberg
Musical Guest:Nicki Minaj
Cameo:Mark Zuckerberg
Filmed Cameo:John Waters
Episode Number:36.13  (# 693)
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Cold OpeningCongresswoman Michele Bachmann's Response to the President's State of the Union Address: The Second Attempt 
CommercialOnce Daily Estro-Maxx 
ShowMr. Wizard's World 
GameshowDon't Forget the Lyrics! 
ShowWXPD News New York 
FilmSNL Digital Short
The Creep
Musical Performance"Right Thru Me" 
Weekend Update  
ShowThe Essentials
Bride of Blackenstein
ShowSpa Talk 
Musical Performance"Moment 4 Life" 
CommercialEl Shrinko