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April 4, 2009
Host:Seth Rogen
Musical Guest:Phoenix
Episode Number:34.19  (# 655)
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Cold OpeningObama's Business Rulings 
CommercialThe Fast & The Bi-Curious 
SketchSave The Funnies 
ShowLa Rivista Della Televisione 
FilmSNL Digital Short
Like A Boss
SketchPhone Voices 
Musical Performance"Lisztomania" 
Weekend Update  
SketchCorporate Meeting 
ShowMilestone High 
CommercialClancy T. Bachleratt and Jackie Snad Sing Easter Songs about Spaceships, Toddlers, Model T. Cars & Jars of Beer 
Musical Performance"1901" 
SketchMuppet Bus 
Musical Performance"Too Young"