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October 4, 2008
Host:Anne Hathaway
Musical Guest:The Killers
Cameos:Tina Fey
Queen Latifah
Episode Number:34.4  (# 640)
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Cold OpeningVice Presidential Debate 
ShowThe Lawrence Welk Show 
SketchBailout Press Conference 
SketchBoys Night Out 
FilmSNL Digital Short
Extreme Activities Competition
Musical Performance"Human" 
Weekend Update 
Will Forte appears as "Orville Willis Forte IV", which is actually his birth name.
CommercialSioux City News 3 
SketchMark Wahlberg Talks To Animals
This sketch originally appeared at the 05.17.2008 dress rehearsal.
SketchI'm Not Gay 
Musical Performance"Spaceman" 
CommercialThe Less Provocative Songs Of Katy Perry
This sketch originally appeared at two previous dress rehearsals: 09.13.2008 and 09.27.2008.