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September 13, 2008
Host:Michael Phelps
Musical Guest:Lil Wayne
Cameos:Tina Fey
Jared Fogel
Debbie Phelps
William Shatner
Episode Number:34.1  (# 637)
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Cold OpeningA Nonpartisan Message From Sarah Palin & Hillary Clinton 
GameshowQuiz Bowl 
CommercialJar Glove 
SketchSwim Team Motivation 
SketchBig Kids 
Musical Performance"Got Money" 
Weekend Update  
ShowThe Charles Barkley Show
A young actress playing one of the crew members can be heard dropping her clipboard off-camera, causing Darrell Hammond to briefly pause in mid-sentence and look in her direction.
FilmSNL Digital Short
Space Olympics
Musical Performance"Lollipop" 
CommercialThe Michael Phelps Diet
Michael Phelps is seen quickly coughing before speaking his first line. The audience reaction causes him to briefly glance in their direction and smile. The cough is edited out in reruns.
MiscellaneousIn Memoriam