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November 19, 2005
Host:Eva Longoria
Musical Guest:Korn
Episode Number:31.6  (# 591)
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Cold OpeningSpecial Report 
CommercialFire Alert 3000 
ShowThe Spammies 
ShowDeep House Dish 
CommercialMorgan Stanley 
SketchThe Needlers 
ShowVincent Price's Thanksgiving Special 1958
The stage lights go dark unexpectedly as Kristen Wiig is talking to the George Washington portrait.
Musical Performance"Twisted Transistor" 
Weekend Update  
SketchWhat Really Happened At The "Desperate Housewives" Vanity Fair Photo Shoot 
CommercialTrapped in the Closet Two: Still Trapped in the Closet 
CommercialHelga Englehart and Her Three Living Brothers 
Musical Performance"Freak On A Leash"