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May 15, 2004
Hosts:Mary-Kate Olsen
Ashley Olsen
Musical Guest:J-Kwon
Episode Number:29.20  (# 565)
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Cold OpeningHardball 
During the prom segment, the banner that comes down from the ceiling breaks loose on the right side. A promotional photo from dress rehearsal shows that it reads "30 Rock Your Body", an obvious reference to the building in which the studio is located.
CommercialMary-Kate & Ashley 
ShowThe Swan 
Musical Performance"Tipsy" 
Weekend Update  
CommercialPat 'N Patti's Backpack Shack 
ShowAccess Hollywood 
SketchRoller Rink 
SketchFamily Barbecue 
FilmThe Adventures of Harold 
Musical SketchSummertime